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Austria: Afghan migrant sexually assaults young boys.

Sweden boasts three rapes by refugees in one weekend.

Austria:  Afghan “Asylum seeker” rapes mentally disabled woman.

Belgium: Moroccan migrant may have raped up to 230 women.



Germany: Pakistani migrant convicted of raping 6-year-old girl sentenced to 20 months probation.

Sweden: Police say they “lack resources” to investigate gang-rape posted on snapchat.

Sweden: Three Afghan migrants rape 15-year-old boy.

Netherlands: 94% of Rotterdam women victims of street harassment

UK: Muslim convert hoped to buy 9-year-old sex slave

Italy: Two Pakistani migrants rape man

Germany: Iraqi migrant rapes 13-year-old at railway station

Germany: Family of Nine Iraqi migrants rape German woman

Germany: Libyan refugee sought for brutal rape in Berlin

Sweden: 14-year-old bride expecting her first child

Germany: Iraqi refugee rapes two students


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Canada: Muslim leader wants no Muslim migrants mentioned in reports of Muslim migrant sexual assaults.

Austria: Afghan migrant sexually assaults young mother as she pushes her two children in stroller in the middle of the day.

Austria: “Jerky Boy” Afghan migrant assaults several people, follows young woman to her home.

Australia: Residents flee “muslim areas “to protect their daughters.”

Germany: 60-year-old woman raped in driveway by “Mediterranean-looking” man.

Italy: North Africans rape 15-year old girl on commuter train

Belgium: Muslim gang-rapists laugh during their court trial

Germany:  In familiar crime, two girls molested in pool by Afghan refugees



The alleged sexual assault happened at West Edmonton Mall's water park at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Canada: Syrian refugee charged with multiple sexual assaults at waterpark.

Germany: Migrant breaks teenage girl’s nose when she refuses his sexual advances.

Germany: Two “asylum seekers” molest five girls aged 12-14 at municipal pool.

Sweden: Syrian refugee who claimed to be 17 when he raped 13-year-old, sentenced to two months jail.

Sweden: Unaccompanied minors with mustaches molest 10-year olds, sentenced to community service.